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2012 Little BadAss Minichopper Motorcycle

2012 Little BadAss Minichopper Motorcycle
MSRP: $3,195.00
PRICE: $2,295.00
Part Number: LBA1065
  Mini Chopper Motorcycle        The Last few 2012 models, just like Dale Earnhardt's

The ULTIMATE mini motorcycle.  The Little BadAss is in a class all by itself...NOTHING else comes close!

the cool little scooter with a BadAss Attitude, 

  The Little BadAss Mini Motorcycle is the hottest minibike around
  • Black Powder Coated Frame
  • Tecumseh 5hp Engine
  • Black Tank and Fender 
  • Rear Drum Brake
  • 8" Rear Wheel, 10" Front Wheel 
  • Telescoping Front Forks
  • Weight 116lbs
  • 62" Long / Seat height 16"
  • Weight Capacity: 275lbs
Full Demo Video
Test Ride Video
  click to enlarge   This is the Bike Standard, as shipped, with the Chrome Forks and Chrome Front wheel upgrades
  click to enlarge   click to enlarge
  This Bike shows the Standard Front Forks and Wheel   This bike shows the Chrome Wheel
  at NASCAR...   The Diggers have one
  Dale Ernhart Jr has one   Willie Nelson's got one too
  click here to enlarge   click to enlarge
  click here to see Jay's bike   click to enlarge

Sorry, the Little BadAss is not street legal and is not approved for operation on public roads or highways. It is intended for close course competition only. Recommended Age 16

The Little BadAss Motorcycle, was designed as a fully functional novelty item.

By purchasing this product, Customer acknowledges that this product does not conform to Federal, State or Local Safety Standards and is not intended to be used as a method of transportation. It is not intended for operation on public streets, roadways or highways

Safety Equipment: a safety helmet, eye protection, gloves elbow and kneepads, protective shoes and clothing must be worn while operating the LBA Motorcycle to avoid injury


LBA Motorcycle is not designed to carry more than one person under any circumstances
LBA Motorcycle is not be used by minor children without the direct and responsible supervision of an adult

Any alteration of LBA Motorcycle as manufactured voids any and all warranties.  

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