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Flywheel Puller

Flywheel Puller

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This flywheel puller is designed for those who don't want to use the "knocker" method to remove their flywheel. 

Works with:

  • ALL ARC Non Adjustable Flywheels and Adjustable Timing Hub Flywheels
  • PVL flywheel for clone
  • Raceseng Flywheels
  • ARC flywheels made before 2013 that do not have the tapped puller holes, can be drilled and tapped to 5/16 24 to use this puller (Not 6602 model flywheels made before 2015)
  • This puller will work with the 2015 and newer redesigned 6602 flywheels 

To use, install the threaded rods into clean and lubricated puller holes on hub or flywheel face.  Be sure to thread the rods in fully.  Slide the puller block over the threaded rods and screw the nuts down evenly.  Tighten the nuts evenly back and forth in 1/2 turn increments until the flywheel pulls off.  Stubborn flywheels may require that you hit the center of the puller block with a hammer once significant pressure is applied by tightening the nuts.  Be careful not to strike the threaded rods (use a spacer if necessary) and NEVER hit the flywheel itself with a hammer.
Heat as low as 300° will damage the rare-earth magnet in flywheels, so don't use a torch!

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I was blown away with the quality of this thing, and the power!

Mark Harvy

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