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Predator Gen 3 Builder Prepared Parts Kit

Predator Gen 3 Builder Prepared Parts Kit

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  Parts Kit for P R E D A T O R     
Intake, Exhaust, Chain/Heat Guard, Top Plate, Fuel Pump, Valve Springs, Cam, Flywheel, Rod and more
If you have a Predator engine, you will need a special Intake insert and longer carburetor stud bolts. You will also need the 1144 Top Plate. Select the Predator engine type in Product Options above to receive this upgrade  

Kit Includes:
  • DJ-114X ARC top plate/throttle hookup(Choose Engine Type)
  • 6934 ARC billet air filter adaptor
  • DJ-1257 Choke hold
  • Fuel Pump
  • 6877 Pulse inlet fitting
  • 6899 Angled air filter
  • 5' fuel hose
  • DJ-1420 Chain guard/heat shield
  • RLV Spec Header, muffler and clamp
  • Valve Springs and Shims
  • ARC 6270 Billet Connecting Rod with bearing inserts
  • ARC 6619 SFI Certified Billet Flywheel (spec)
  • DJ-1109I CL-1 Improved Cam
  • GX140 E-Tube
  • .036" Jet
IMPORTANT! Beginning in 2009, some of the engines made minor changes that require different top plates. Please identify your engine in the drop-down list so we can supply you with the correct version.
  • Box Stock (beginner)
  • Superbox (advanced)
  • Builder Prepared (top) 
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I was blown away with the quality of this thing, and the power!

Mark Harvy

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