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Predator DJ-1104P F-275 Cam

Predator DJ-1104P F-275 Cam

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This cam has very aggressive ramps and requires an upgraded valve train package, billet rod, and flywheel. Excellent stock appearing cam when required to run a stock style carburetor. Call for valve train upgrade recommendatons. This cam will NOT fit the "Hemi" Predator. Identify your engine before ordering.

Engine: 212cc OHV Predator
Target (MAX) RPM: 8200-8400
Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 32 lbs
Valve Lash (IN/EX): .003"
Ignition Timining: 32 Deg BTDC

LIFT: .278
Dur @ .050": 258.7 Deg. 
C/L: 108 ATDC

LIFT: .278
DUR @ .050": 258.6 Deg.
C/L: 110 BTDC
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I was blown away with the quality of this thing, and the power!

Mark Harvy

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