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Billet Flywheel, Predator, Non-Adj

Billet Flywheel, Predator, Non-Adj

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Non-Adjustable Billet Aluminum Flywheel for the Harbor Freight Predator 212 cc Engine.SFI certified billet aluminum flywheel. Fits the old style non "hemi" head Harbor Freight Predator 212 with tin sheet metal valve cover model #69730.

The keyway is fixed and the stock pull starter can be used.
Weighs 3.5lbs and incorporates a special low drag fan design unique to ARC flywheels. 
A specially designed high-power rare earth magnet creates a spark that is hotter and lasts longer, getting the most power from every drop of fuel. 

Now featuring 8 degrees timing advance built into the keyway. 32 degrees BTDC. 

Minimum .030" air gap.
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I was blown away with the quality of this thing, and the power!

Mark Harvy

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