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Wheel Only, 8" w/Bearings, fits 5/8 Axle for Mini Chopper

Wheel Only, 8" w/Bearings, fits 5/8 Axle for Mini Chopper

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8" Wheel and Bearings
fits 5/8" Axle. can be used on the front or rear. 
LBA Brake bolts up to this wheel. this is the rear wheel for Little BadAss Mini Chopper Motorcycle

Rear Wheel, 8" x 3" wide, fits 5/8" Axle for Little BadAss Mini Chopper Motorcycle

Our Heavy Duty 5" Drum Brake and 54T Sprocket bolt up to this wheel (not included)

About Powder Coat Finishes: 
LBA Black is an astonishing finish. From a short distance, it appears to be black, however when you look closely, you'll see that it's actually a very dark metallic flake blue. This effect becomes even more pronounced in bright light or sunlight where the colors and sparkles come alive and can be seen from a distance. Unfortunately, we cannot seem to be able to capture this in a photo otherwise, we would simply post it.
Foose Gold is a sweet shade of gold with metallic flake in a smooth matte finish.
Superchrome is a truly amazing over-the-top mirror like finish which surpasses everyday polishing and chrome by far.
Patriot Red has been captured from the older sportster, shhhh
Cobalt Blue Chrome is a very eye-pleasing bright blue shiny chrome
Candy Purple is the color originally used on taco minibikes
Flat Black continues to be a favorite
Monster Green is a dazzling bright neon green
Gunsmoke Chrome is a very cool v-twin style color, originally called black chrome. 
Rockstar Purple (flake) this color dances in the sunlight, we love it
Red Devil (darker) original long time favorite

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I was blown away with the quality of this thing, and the power!

Mark Harvy

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