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K&N Stage 1 Kit, Go Kart Mini Bike Honda GX120/160/200 and clones

K&N Stage 1 Kit, Go Kart Mini Bike Honda GX120/160/200 and clones

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  Gokart, Minibike, Honda GX120/160/200 and clones   for use with Stock Carburetor
K&N Filters are simply cleaned and reused. The last air filter you will need to buy
  • Billet Intake Adapter
  • K&N High Flow Air Filter
  • K&N Pre-Filter Wrap 
  • K&N Air Filter Clamp
  • K&N Decals
  • RLV Exhaust Header
  • RLV Exhaust Silencer
  • RLV Exhaust Locking Collar
  • RLV Decals
  • Installation Instructions

On a Minibike, if you choose to remove the gas tank, you may wish to install an Engine Top Plate, mainly because it looks better. These plates are used on a race kart to provide throttle linkage and and fuel pump support, which are not used on a minibike, however, you may choose to install just the plate and retain the stock throttle linkage (recommended).

When upgrading the Stock Intake and Stock Exhaust, you will need to Re-Jet your Carb. You will know you need to Re-Jet if you have to play with the choke to get your engine to run correctly. Remove the floatbowl cover, unscrew and replace the stock Main Jet with a .034, .035. or .036 Main Jet. Kart racers know that .035 usually works the best but your engine may vary. Get the right jet and you will hear your engine run like gangbusters.

if you require good clean air and lots of it, K&N Clamp-on filters are your best bet for improved performance! Universal in style, K&N snowmobile filters replace the existing airbox and OEM stock filter. K&N manufactures hundreds of sizes, shapes and lengths to fit virtually any application.

Manufacturer Information

K & N Engineering, Inc., "manufacturer of the world's best air filters", has been the innovative leader in air filter technology since 1963, serving the needs of the automotive, motorcycle, marine , industrial and military markets. Located in Riverside California, K & N also has another manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom.

K & N first developed air filters specifically for the motorcycle racing market. With the success K & N experienced in the motorcycle market, the Company decided to branch out to the automotive Motorsports market. K & N quickly grew to be the world's most widely used performance air filter in both the automotive and motorcycle markets.

Today, K & N equips about 80% of all off-road racing vehicles and wins in every major off-road event in the world, including Pikes Peak, the Baja 500 & 1000 and the grueling Paris to Dakar race. K & N also dominates the world's most prestigious and technical racing association with nine of twelve Formula One Teams using K & N air filters.

To keep on the cutting edge of technology, K & N has its own technical facilities that are devoted to product development and testing. The facilities have in-the-floor-chassis dynamometers, to ensure that all K & N air filters are technically designed for the highest increase in horsepower. Air restriction testing and development has yielded products such as our Generation II Fuel Injection Performance Kits, which lead the industry in horsepower gains!

K & N has capitalized on their superior racing heritage along with its superior air flow, increased dirt filtration, environmental friendliness and exclusive ten year, million mile limited warranty to catapult itself to the front of the performance air filtration industry. K & N has garnered numerous awards from SEMA, including "Manufacturer of the Year, 1994, 1996, 1997, and 2000".

Order Notes:
If you already have an Air Filter Adapter, you don't need to add one. If you are converting from a stock air intake, then you will need to add an Air Filter Adapter in Product Options above
This permanent Air Filter can be cleaned, oiled and used over and over again. It may be the last filter you buy for your engine. A favorite choice for race karts, etc








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I was blown away with the quality of this thing, and the power!

Mark Harvy

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