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Honda GX160 / GX200 Performance Flywheel

Honda GX160 / GX200 Performance Flywheel

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  Honda GX160/200 and clones
The SFI certified stage 2 non-finned rev wheel weighs a minuscule 1.8 lbs and features a rare earth neodymium magnet that throws a spark 100% hotter then a stock flywheel. The keyway is set at 28 degrees of timing to wake up your motor! This is the ultimate lightweight flywheel, get on the throttle with this bolted on your motor and prepare for instant RPMs and acceleration!


û optional stage 1 adjustable timing bracket, stage 2 adjustable timing kit and flywheel puller available in Related Products section
û no fins for the ultimate in low flywheel drag
û lightest flywheels available on the market; significantly reduces centrifugal mass for instant engine response
û super strong rare earth magnet design throws hotter spark
û timing advanced to 28 degrees
û SFI certified to 1.1 standards
û works with stock starter cup and stock plastic fins
û weighs 1.8 lbs






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I was blown away with the quality of this thing, and the power!

Mark Harvy

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